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Our growing, global team attracts and unleashes top talent and unique individuals that share our values, goals and commitment. We thrive within the ever-evolving Automotive industry and value our exciting position in it. Collaboration with partners, communication with our audience, and enhancement of the car-buying experience drives us forward.

Our Core Values.

Driven by Curiosity

Explore new things, never stop learning and always maintain the inquisitive mind of a child.

Exceed Expectations

If it doesn’t delight you, it won’t delight anyone else.

Extravagantly Generous

We’re motivated by opportunities to lift up those in need.

Global Impact, Local Knowledge

We bring our passion and experience to every market and embrace the greatest local talent to deliver our promise of excellence.

Make It Better

Always leave things better than you found them.

Plugged In

Be connected with each other, our customers, and our purpose.

Think Beyond

With everything we do, we create for today while anticipating the needs of the future.

Find Like Minds

We intentionally choose partners who share our beliefs and values.

People and Culture, meet your team!


  • Leadership

Private: Jeff Williams

Founder & CEO

Private: Lorne Olichny

Senior VP

Private: Keray Robirtis

Senior VP,
Regional Director
North America

Private: Josh Heppner


Private: Emily Tsen


Private: Maria Rodriguez

Director of Marketing

Private: Steve Zanlunghi

Regional Director APAC, USA, UK

Private: Jean-Marie Riviere

Regional Director Europe

Private: Phil Tamboriello

Director of Training Europe

Private: Larry Smith

Dealer Group & Leadership Consulting
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