Absolute Results Onboarding

Hi Veronica Garcia

Welcome to the Absolute Results team!

To Do

1. Watch these five orientation videos to learn what we are all about.

What does Absolute Results do?

Three Moments of Truth

Where does Absolute Results fit in the Automotive Industry?


Your Automatic Customer Retention Tool

Sales pitch to the customer…

Do - over

How does Absolute Results use DATA?

2. GDPR Training
Privacy training is essential for everyone at Absolute Results since we handle sensitive information. This is a legal requirement and can result in significant fines for the company if not completed. Follow your personalized training link and login with your Google account to complete the training. Complete the training here.
3. Change your temporary login password
It’s important to change your login password from time to time to protect your privacy. To change your password:
  1. Choose Apple menu > System preferences, then click Users & Groups (You may need to scroll down.)
  2. Click the “Change Password” button next to your user name on the right.
  3. Once your password has been changed click “Change Password” and you’re all set!

Veronica Garcia, meet your team!

Kristen Ginther

Production Design Lead

David Lee

Graphic Designer

Trevor Mah

Visual Media Producer

Renato Correa De Sampaio

Graphic Designer

Alex Kuo

Veronica Garcia, meet your team!

Maria Rodriguez

Senior Marketing Manager

Katie Mcgaire

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Veronica Garcia

Translation Specialist

Lary Polancos

HTML/CSS Specialist

Anjali Purohit

Veronica Garcia, meet your team!

Drew Jensen

Corporate Controller

Roger Smith

Corporate Controller

Jennifer Pearce

Corporate Accountant

Diane Eden

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Lu Gaudet

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Bobby Janjua

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Tara Roberts

Payroll Manager

Joji Ordoyo

Accounting Assistant/Payroll

Lewis Lam

Junior Accountant


Wifi Info
Username: AR Business
Password: We$3llc@r$


Primary First Aid Contact:
Christina Silva
(604) 774-2744

Secondary First Aid Contact:
Erik Hilmer
(604) 922-0238
Absolute Results Onboarding

Alarm Code &

Your Alarm Code: 1997

Your alarm code below will allow you access to your unit only. Units 103/104/105 are on the same alarm system.

Every night, HQ is armed with an alarm code. Before you set the alarm, check the area and see if anyone else is around.

If the alarm goes off between the hours of 8am-5pm, please contact: Christina Silva (604) 774-2744

If the alarm goes off after work hours, please contact: Lyndon Throness (778) 242-9910