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    Add the 5-10 oldest pre-owned vehicles on your lot.

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    Define your sales team size, closing ratio and avg gross profit to calculate your ROI.

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    We’ll provide you a pre-owned campaign that is tailored to your needs and maximizes your potential profits.

    Pre-owned Vehicles Step 1/3

    Add the oldest pre-owned inventory.
    The more vehicles you add, the clearer the picture!

    Vehicle 1

    Vehicle 2

    Vehicle 3

    Vehicle 4

    Vehicle 5

    Vehicle 6

    Vehicle 7

    Vehicle 8

    Vehicle 9

    Vehicle 10

    Performance Step 2/3

    Potential Vehicles Sold 000

    your profits Step 3/3

    Pre-owned Campaign Blitz
    • 3 day Private Sales Experience
    • Target 1,400 - 2,000 ready to purchase customers in your database
    • Unique RSVP Landing Page with Vehicle Evaluation Functionality
    • Personalized email and sms campaign
    • VBDC phone call blitz to confirm appointments
    Potential Profit Loss $0,000
    Potential Profit with AR's plan
    Get a quote and start maximizing the value of your portfolio.

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